Members of the Palestinian community, including Nakhle Giries Kattan, Marguerite Kattan, Pasha Tewfiq Mubarak Kattan, and Victor Giries Kattan, c.1952

This image is a digital reproduction of a black and white photograph donated by William Kattan.

The image features several members of the Palestinian community. The second man on the left is likely to be Nakhle Giries Kattan. The woman sat on the floor in the centre is Victor Giries Kattan's wife Marguerite Kattan (nee Mattia Kattan). The man sat behind her is the Pasha Tewfiq Mubarak Kattan, Margo Mubarak Kattan's (nee Kattan) husband. The man sat in a chair on the right is Victor Giries Kattan.

This image exists as part of the Kattan Family collection within the William Kattan project of the Planet Bethlehem Archive.