Pasha Tewfiq Mubarak Kattan and King Talal of Jordan, Bethlehem, Palestine, c.1951

This image is a digital reproduction of a black and white photograph donated by William Kattan.

The photograph features Margo Mubarak Kattan's (nee Kattan) husband the Pasha Tewfiq Mubarak Kattan (left) with King Talal of Jordan (right) who reigned over Jordan, Bethlehem and the wider West Bank during the years 1951-1952 when Jordan had control over these areas. The Pasha Tewfiq acted as an advisor for King Talal and was a political candidate for the Jordanian government at the time.

This image exists as part of the Kattan Family collection within the William Kattan project of the Planet Bethlehem Archive.