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JOLED: a mid-air display based on electrostatic rotation of levitated Janus objects

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posted on 2023-06-09, 03:29 authored by Deepak Ranjan Sahoo, Takuto Nakamuta, Asier Marzo, Themis Omirou, Michihiro Asakawa, Sriram Subramanian
We present JOLED, a mid-air display for interactive physical visualization using Janus objects as physical voxels. The Janus objects have special surfaces that have two or more asymmetric physical properties at different areas. In JOLED, they are levitated in mid-air and controllably rotated to reveal their different physical properties. We made voxels by coating the hemispheres of expanded polystyrene beads with different materials, and applied a thin patch of titanium dioxide to induce electrostatic charge on them. Transparent indium tin oxide electrodes are used around the levitation volume to create a tailored electric field to control the orientation of the voxels. We propose a novel method to control the angular position of individual voxels in a grid using electrostatic rotation and their 3D position using acoustic levitation. We present a display in which voxels can be flipped independently, and two mid-air physical games with a voxel as the playable character that moves in 3D across other physical structures and rotates to reflect its status in the games. We demonstrate a voxel update speed of 37.8 ms/flip, which is video-rate.


Interact-Interactive Systems Involving Multi-Point Surfaces, Haptics and true-3D displays; G1686; EUROPEAN UNION; 278576

Ghost-eneric, highly-organic shape-changing interfaces; EUROPEAN UNION; 309191


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Proceedings of the 29th Annual Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology


Association for Computing Machinery

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UIST 2016: 29th ACM User Interface Software and Technology Symposium

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Tokyo, Japan

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October 16-19, 2016



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