ezproxy-to-February-2021.csv (93.2 MB)

Anonymised connections to University of Sussex electronic resources: April 2020-February 2021.

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posted on 16.02.2021, 16:43 by Tim Graves
Anonymised details of every login made by a member of the University of Sussex Library to an electronic resource provided by the Library.

Some 600000 lines from the database, in *csv.

The fields included are:

id - the primary key from the database.
TIMESTAMP - the exact time that a connection was made.
school - the School of study (akin to 'Faculty')
department - the department to which the member is affiliated.
country - the country from which the connection was made.
usergroup - the type of user (e.g. Undergraduate)
course - the code of the user's course of study.
courseName - the corresponding name of the course given in the course code.
resource - the resources to which the connection was made.

The SQL used to extract the data was:

SELECT id, TIMESTAMP, school, department, country, usergroup, course, courseName, url_formatted AS resource
FROM ezproxy_logs
WHERE TIMESTAMP >= '2020-04-01'




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