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Data for article "Hedonic contrast and the short-term stimulation of appetite."

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posted on 11.06.2021, 08:49 authored by Martin YeomansMartin Yeomans, Rhiannon ArmitageRhiannon Armitage, Jenny Morris
Data for paper 'Hedonic contrast and the short-term stimulation of appetite' in Appetite (2020)

This dataset is from a single experimental study examining the effects of hedonic contrast on food intake in a snack context. Participants (n=96) were assigned at random to one of three conditions where they could eat as much or little as they liked from a sequence of four bowls of snack foods:
Palatable - served four bowls of salted crisps
Bland - served four bowls of unsalted crisps
Contrast - served salted, unsalted, salted, unsalted in that order.

Data are intake (g), rated pleasantness and saltiness for each of the four servings, along with demographic data (age, height, weight and BMI), and individual difference measures (hunger at time of testing, and scores on the Three Factor Eating Questionnaire Restraint and Disinhibition scales, and Barratt Impulsiveness Scale (BIS-11: 3 sub-scales and total score).


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