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Data used in figures for paper: PicoTesla absolute field readings with a hybrid 3He/87Rb magnetometer

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posted on 30.08.2019, 10:47 by Christopher Abel, Clark Griffith, G. Bison
Data used in figures for an article in The European Physical Journal D (EPJ D) (2019) 73:150.

For descriptions of the figures, please refer to the text of the paper.

Data file is tab delimited, units as indicated for each column, y-error bars given as 3rd column for figs. 5, 6, and 8, x and y error bars given as 3rd and 4th column for fig. 7.

We demonstrate the use of a hybrid 3He/87Rb magnetometer to measure absolute magnetic fields in the pT range. The measurements were undertaken by probing time-dependent 3He magnetisation using 87Rb zero-field magnetometers. Measurements were taken to demonstrate the use of the magnetometer in cancelling residual fields within a magnetic shield. It was shown that the absolute field could be reduced to the 10 pT level by using field readings from the magnetometer. Furthermore, the hybrid magnetometer was shown to be applicable for the reduction of gradient fields by optimising the effective 3He T2 time. This procedure represents a convenient and consistent way to provide a near zero magnetic field environment which can be potentially used as a base for generating desired magnetic field configurations for use in precision measurements.


STFC grant: ST/N000307/1

STFC grant: ST/M503836/1




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