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Database and Codebook for the article "An exploration of the association between fuel subsidies and fuel riots"

posted on 14.12.2021, 12:19 authored by Davide Natalini
Data for IDS working paper 'An exploration of the association between fuel subsidies and fuel riots' published in 2021. This working paper was a part of the Action for Empowerment and Accountability (A4EA) programme at IDS. This dataset has been used for multiple papers and reports which can be found in the references to this item.

Data for country-level variables capturing conflict events and social, political and economic dimensions in countries. The paper mentioned above and the codebook published alongside this database provides further information about the procedure and measurements.

The format of the raw data is .xlsx.

The abstract of the IDS working paper is below-
Between 2005 and 2018, 41 countries had at least one riot directly associated with popular demand for fuel. We make use of a new international data set on fuel riots to explore the effects of fuel prices and price regimes on fuel riots. In line with prior expectations, we find that large domestic fuel price shocks – often linked to international price shocks – are a key driver of riots. In addition, we report a novel result: fuel riots are closely associated with domestic price regimes. Countries that maintain fixed price regimes – notably net energy exporters – tend to have large fuel subsidies. When such subsidies become unsustainable, domestic price adjustments are large, often leading to riots.


Dawe Charitable Trust

Anglia Ruskin University

Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office