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Dataset for paper "Larger GPU-accelerated brain simulations with procedural connectivity"

posted on 2020-11-25, 14:16 authored by James KnightJames Knight, Thomas NowotnyThomas Nowotny
Dataset for paper published in Nat Comput Sci Feb 2021

Dataset contains raw spiking data from full-scale multi-area model simulation run using GeNN 4.3.3. Each tar.gz archive contains the configuration files for each simulation and, in the recording directory, binary numpy files contains the spike trains from each population.

Archives with filenames starting with 82d3c0816b0ad1c07ea27e61eb981f7a contain spike data from three 10.5 second "ground state" simulations of the model's "ground state" (chi=1.0)

Archives with filenames starting with b03fdaa1fd47a0e4a10483bc3901f1e5 contain spike data from three 100.5 second "ground state" simulations of the model's "resting state" (chi=1.9)

"Simulations are an important tool for investigating brain function but large models are needed to faithfully reproduce the statistics and dynamics of brain activity.
Simulating large spiking neural network models has, until now, needed so much memory for storing synaptic connections that it required high performance computer systems. Here, we present an alternative simulation method we call `procedural connectivity' where connectivity and synaptic weights are generated `on the fly' instead of stored and retrieved from memory. This method is particularly well-suited for use on Graphical Processing Units (GPUs) - which are a common fixture in many workstations. Extending our GeNN software with procedural connectivity and a second technical innovation for GPU code generation, we can simulate a recent model of the Macaque visual cortex with 4.136 neurons and 24.29 synapses on a single GPU - a significant step forward in making large-scale brain modelling accessible to more researchers."

Brains on Board grant number EP/P006094/1


Brains on Board: Neuromorphic Control of Flying Robots

Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council

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