Dheeb Najajra, aged 95 from Nahalin discussing the Ottoman period and World War I

Dheeb Najarja (95 years old from Nahalin) interviewed by Azizah Ghayada.

He discusses the following: Ottoman and British periods; because of the injustice from Turkey people were extremely poor and used to pick the barley out of animal dung to eat; locusts and the lack of rain; when the British came they distributed food. Bethlehem was empty of men because so many had run away to avoid conscription.

Original audio recording: cassette tape.
Transcript: summary.
In the original collection at Bethlehem University this cassette tape was categorised as FIle 8 of Box 9.

This fileset exists as part of the Ottoman Empire and World War I collection within the Bethlehem University Oral History project of the Planet Bethlehem Archive.