Elias Karraa and family, c.1950-1970

This image is a digital reproduction of 3 colour and 1 black and white photographs donated by Kathy Sa'ade Kenny.

The identifier 'pb_ks_sfa_c19500000-0001aa.tiff' refers to a collection of photographs of Katrina Sa'ade's nephew Elias Karra'a and his family. Elias was Katrina's sister Na'ame's son. All images have white borders and look professionally taken. The image 'pb_ks_sfa_c19700000-0001ab.tiff' is seemingly taken in the 1970's and is a colour photograph of Elias Karraa (left standing) and his wife Florence (right standing) with their 3 children Deanna (lower right), Karen (lower left) and Anton (top centre). The image 'pb_ks_sfa_c19500000-0001ac.tiff' depicts Elias at earlier stage in the twentieth century, seemingly around the 1950's era. The image 'pb_ks_sfa_c19700000-0001ad.tiff' is a colour photograph of Elias' younger daughter Karen. The image 'pb_ks_sfa_c19700000-0001ae.tiff' is a colour photograph of Elias' older daughter Deanna.

These images exist as part of the Sa'ade Family collection within the Katrina Sa'ade project of the Planet Bethlehem Archive.