Frères School pupils, c.1965-1969

These are digital reproductions of images held in the private collection of George Harb.

These photographs show pupils from the Frères school between 1965 and 1969. The Frères school was the first in Bethlehem to offer mixed sex education in c.1968. This came about following the 1967 war when the St Joseph girls school in Bethlehem suffered from serious problems due to ties with Jordan being cut off. The disruption of education led the the Frères school to decide to accept some of the girls from St Jospeh. Initially the Latin Patriarch in Jerusalem refused, but George teamed up with the director of the school, Bernard Rock, to write a petition in favour of the decision. The Patriarch then referred the matter to the Vatican who eventually approved the request.

This image is part of the George Harb Photos collection, within the George Harb project of the Planet Bethlehem Archive.