Hassan Abd al-Latif, aged 77 from Battir; Khalil Abu Hassan, aged 78 from Battir; and Abd al-Hamid Abu Na'ma, aged 105 from Battir, discussing the Ottoman period and World War I

Hassan Abd al-Latif (77 years old from Battir), Khalil Abu Hassan (78 years old from Battir), and Abd al-Hamid Abu Na'ma (105 years old from Battir) interviewed by Jamila Abd al-Latif on 17 June1995.

They discuss the following: before World War I people used to live from their agriculture and the situation was okay then after the war everything became worse; many of the village men went to war and some never came back; locust plague and starvation; some people ran away to evade military conscription.

Original audio recording: cassette tape.
Transcript: summary.
In the original collection at Bethlehem University this cassette tape was categorised as File 13 of Box 8.

This fileset exists as part of the Ottoman Empire and World War I collection within the Bethlehem University Oral History project of the Planet Bethlehem Archive.