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Interview with Vicky, 18-19, British, working class, no religion. Women, Risk and AIDS Project, London, 1989. Original version including field notes. (Ref: LSFS31)

posted on 16.10.2020, 15:16 by Rachel Thomson
This interview is part of the Women, Risk and Aids Project (1989-90) archive which was created as part of the Reanimating Data Project (2018-20).

Original transcript of an interview with Vicky, who is doing her A-Levels to go into nursing. She is involved in left-wing, socialist politics, influenced by her older siblings. Vicky is in the process of moving out of home to live with her boyfriend, after having had to share a bedroom with her mother for the last five years due to her father's medical condition. She has been with her current boyfriend for around two years, and has had other long-term relationships before this. These have all had sexual aspects, since Vicky was fourteen, but in hindsight she thinks she might have been too young. She is not sure whether these earlier experiences were pleasurable at all. Her and her first sexual partner used condoms, but Vicky found them too awkward and now relies on the pill. She struggled to remember to take her pill sometimes, and decided to have an abortion recently when she accidentally fell pregnant. Vicky has had some unwanted sexual experiences, though she blames herself and her 'lack of confidence' for these - her political involvement since has helped to changed her attitude surrounding this. Sex education at Vicky's school spanned a whole two days. Most of her sex education has been through friends, and she has found a much more diverse social circle as she has grown up. She has masturbated from a young age, though always felt quite guilty about this. Vicky doesn't want to get married in the future, and isn't sure if she's keen on the idea of any sort of serious relationship.













Women, Risk and AIDS Project (WRAP, 1989-90)


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