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Library Show and Tell: Sussex online reading list review data 2009-2019

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posted on 18.12.2020, 12:14 authored by Alice CorbleAlice Corble, Rachel BramleyRachel Bramley

This dataset is a record of the number and type of online reading list reviews done by the Learning and Teaching Support (LATS) team in the Library, Academic Services department. The data has been exported into an xlsx file from Microsoft Access, a database system used between academic years 2009-10 and 2019-20, which we have now retired due to the change in working conditions brought about by Covid 19 and a need for more agile remote working.

Online reading lists are created through the Talis Aspire platform. A Talis Aspire reading list provides an online list of resources, with links to library books, resources or the full text of an article or webpage. When a reading list is submitted to the library for review by a lecturer, the LATS team methodically checks each item on the list, reviewing the metadata and ensuring items are correctly linked to our collections and resources on the library catalogue as well as external web resources. Reading list reviews are also the mechanism by which we order new book stock for our teaching collections, so the cost of each list needs to be monitored and recorded.

This dataset includes all the essential information needed to review and record each list across a 10-year period, including module identifiers, academic departments, academic term, student enrolment numbers, size, cost and date of review. Also included is a hyperlink to an archive of each reading list on the Talis Aspire system.