Mikhail Bannoura and Jabra Awwad, from Beit Sahour discussing the 1920 great snow and the 1927 earthquake

Mikhail Bannoura and Jabra Awwad (from Beit Sahour) are interviewed by Nadia Awwad.

Interview focuses on the locust plague of 1915, the great snow of 1920 and the earthquake of 1927; talks about the sense of social solidarity and mutual support which helped people get through the difficulties of these events, especially the earthquake which destroyed many people's houses in Beit Sahour; people used to help each other reinforce the houses by erecting iron beams to keep them standing.

Original audio recording: cassette tape.
Transcript: summary.
In the original collection at Bethlehem University this cassette tape was categorised as File 19 of Box 21.

This fileset exists as part of the 1920 Great Snow and 1927 Earthquake collection within the Bethlehem University Oral History project of the Planet Bethlehem Archive.