Multiple images featuring members of the Sa'ade, Farhat and Afana families, c.1921-1932

These images are digital reproductions of black and white and sepias photographs donated by Kathy Sa'ade Kenny.

The image 'pb_ks_khc_c19210000-0023aa.jpeg' is a scan of two individual photographs, one of Katrina Sa'ade and one of her daughter Mary. The image ' pb_ks_khc_c19210000-0023ab.tiff' depicts the first photograph, a black and white image of Jamila Afana (left), Katrina Sa'ade's older sister. Next to her is an unknown woman, standing to the right is Katrina Sa'ade. The image was probably taken in c.1921 after Katrina had moved to California to stay with Jamila and her husband Jamil Afana. (See image 'pb_ks_khc_c19210000-0022aa.jpeg' for another photograph taken at the same time with Jamil Afana and their children). The image 'pb_ks_khc_c19320000-0023ac.tiff' depicts Mary Farhat, Katrina Sa'ade's daughter from her second marriage to Suleiman Farhat in a sepia photograph taken around 1932. Mary is pictured dressed in a cowboy outfit and riding a horse. (See image 'pb_ks_khc_c19330000-0004aa.jpeg' for a similar photo of Fred Farhat, another of Katrina's children from her second marriage).

This image exists as part of the Katrina Sa'ade and Her Children collection within the Katrina Sa'ade project of the Planet Bethlehem Archive.