Research data for article: "How valuable are e-textbooks to the student experience? An analysis of e-textbook provision at the University of Sussex"

2019-03-08T11:32:19Z (GMT) by Suzanne Tatham Annette Moore
This dataset includes the results of a survey carried out in 2018 on e-textbook use by students at the University of Sussex Business School.

Article abstract
The Library has provided several e-textbooks to undergraduate and postgraduate modules within the University of Sussex Business School. The primary motivation for this has been the requirement to provide access to essential readings in a climate where UK universities are shying away from recommending student purchase of textbooks. In this qualitative and quantitative analysis of students’ use of e-textbooks, we will explore to what extent their needs are being met. We will examine whether behavioural change is taking place in the way students approach their reading and identify any perceived barriers in the use of e-textbooks. We will also discuss whether the current models of delivery are fit for purpose and whether they constitute a sustainable model for libraries.



CC BY 4.0