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Research data for paper: “Attachments in the Workplace: How Attachment Security in the Workplace Benefits the Organisation"

posted on 24.01.2020, 11:44 by Michelle Luke, Constantine Sedikides, Katherine Carnelley

Data for the paper: Luke, M. A, Carnelley, K.B., & Sedikides, C. (2019). Attachments in the workplace: how attachment security in the workplace benefits the organisation. European Journal of Social Psychology.


In four studies, we tested if workplace secure attachment entails organisational benefits, given that such relationships are associated with increased positive relationship emotions. In Study 1, employees rated the extent to which colleagues, supervisors, and other individuals fulfill the attachment functions. In Study 2, employees listed up to 10 individuals before completing the same rating task as Study 1. In the remaining studies, employees rated their attachment security with their supervisors (Study 3) or colleagues (Study 4), and completed measures of positive relationship emotions with these individuals, proactive behaviour, organisational allure, and organisational deviance. We found that supervisors and colleagues fulfill attachment functions (Studies 1‐2), and that workplace attachment security confers organisational allure and proactive behaviour due to its association with positive relationships emotions. However, workplace attachment security directly lowers organisational deviance (Studies 3‐4). Thus, supportive and trusting work environments may encourage workplace relationships that could bestow organisational benefits.

Datasets are from the four studies discussed in the above paper. Each separate dataset consists of participants’ responses to the survey items from one of the studies discussed in the paper.

As all files are SPSS data files, a copy of SPSS is required to open the files.