Shukr Farhat to Suleiman Farhat, 21 October 1933

The images are a digital reproduction of a handwritten letter and accompanying translation donated by Kathy Sa'ade Kenny.

In this letter Shukri Farhat writes to his cousin Suleiman Farhat about Katrina's distress and the problems between her and Suleiman's family. At this stage Katrina Sa'ade and her three children were living in Ramallah with Suleiman's parents whilst Suleiman was living and working in California. Shukri notes that Katrina and the Farhats had fought over money and asks for Suleiman to send Katrina money in order for her to escape the house in Ramallah and live independently for a while.

These images exist as part of the Katrina Sa'ade Letters collection within the Katrina Sa'ade project of the Planet Bethlehem Archive.