Suleiman Farhat to Katrina Sa'ade, 14 June 1935

The images are a digital reproduction of a handwritten letter and accompanying translation donated by Kathy Sa'ade Kenny.

In this letter Suleiman Farhat writes to his wife Katrina Sa'ade from El Paso, Texas. He is travelling for work to buy merchandise and is eager to know how Mary (their youngest child) is doing as he hadn't seen or heard from her. He asks if she remembers him and how her Arabic is. The donor Kathy Sa'ade Kenny notes that this letter proves that Suleiman did not manage to see Mary in the US after she had returned to join her mother, as Suleiman moved back to Ramallah shortly after.

These images exist as part of the Katrina Sa'ade Letters collection within the Katrina Sa'ade project of the Planet Bethlehem Archive.