Suleiman Farhat to Katrina Sa'ade, 19 October 1935

The images are a digital reproduction of a handwritten letter and accompanying translation donated by Kathy Sa'ade Kenny.

In this letter Suleiman Farhat writes to his wife Katrina Sa'ade from Ramallah, Palestine. In the first part of the letter Suleiman discusses certain economic aspects of their business as Katrina is still running their shop in California. He tries to persuade her to sell up and move back to Palestine indefinitely citing their marriage and saying that business is better in Palestine (the US was experiencing the Great Depression at the time). He notes that the all the moving between America and Palestine has been 'exhausting'. He also informs Katrina that George Farhat (their oldest son) has enrolled at the Friends School in Ramallah and asks after their other children and family in California.

These images exist as part of the Katrina Sa'ade Letters collection within the Katrina Sa'ade project of the Planet Bethlehem Archive.