Women from Beit Jala discussing the Ottoman period and World War I

Woman (from Beit Jala) interviewed by Sajeda Abed al-Salam on 19 November 2006.

She discusses the following: her mother told her how devastating the locust plague was and how they consumed all of the crops; most of the men went to work in the army; Ottomans used to cut the olive trees to take for fuel wood for the trains; high levels of starvation; when the British took over they were initially well received but the relationship later turned sour.

Original audio recording: cassette tape.
Transcript: summary.
In the original collection at Bethlehem University this cassette tape was categorised as File 4 of Box 7.

This fileset exists as part of the Ottoman Empire and World War I collection within the Bethlehem University Oral History project of the Planet Bethlehem Archive.