Letter from the Salesian Catholic Orphanage

2019-05-31T08:11:18Z (GMT) by Jacob Norris Leila Sansour Holly Stepp
This item was collected and donated to the Planet Bethlehem Leila Sansour.

The image is a scan of a letter written from the Salesian Catholic Orphanage to a Mr S. W. Waldron in Hastings, Sussex UK. In the letter the sender speaks of the hardships and suffering both he (Victor) and the recipient (Mr Waldron) face. The sender asks that Mr Waldron will pray for “peace here and bread for our boys”. The orphanage was built in 1864 by Fr. Antonio Belloni.

This item exists as part of the Photographs and Prints collection within the Leila Sansour project of the Planet Bethlehem Archive.