Therese Giacaman (nee Harb) and her husband Elias Giacaman, 1960

This is a digital reproduction of an image held in the private collection of George Harb.

The photograph shows George Harb's sister Therese and her husband Elias Giacaman on 31st July 1960. Their style of dress is indicative of the period: Therese wears her hair in a bouffant, a popular hairstyle in the late 1950s, early 1960s. Her dress is also representative of a popular shape and style of the time; a tight bodice which pulled in the natural waist or slightly higher which met a very full skirt. Men would wear suits that dropped straight to the hip hitting around mid-thigh, like the one sported by Elias. Most suits were single-breasted with long, wide lapels, and fastened up the front with two or three buttons sitting low, exposing a long necktie.

This image is part of the George Harb Photos collection, within the George Harb project of the Planet Bethlehem Archive.