Wedding portrait of Albert Dos and Madelaine Harb, c.1950

This is a digital reproduction of an image held in the private collection of George Harb.

The photograph is a wedding portrait of Albert Dos and Madelaine Harb (both cousins of George on his father’s side).
This image was taken around the 1950s, as indicated by style of dress: Madeleine wears a tight bodice that pulls in the waist and meets a full skirt. Her hairstyle would have been very on trend for the period. The brushed under bob was a popular style that was often worn sleek and smooth, sometimes with a slight wave at the front. The ends of the hair were always turned under in a soft roll. Alberts suit is also indicative of popular 1950s style. Suits in the 1950s often dropped straight to the hip hitting around mid-thigh. Most suits were single-breasted with long, wide lapels, and fastened up the front with two or three buttons sitting low, exposing a long necktie and usually no waistcoat. Pocket squares were also popular, as worn by Albert in the photograph above.

This image is part of the George Harb Photos collection, within the George Harb project of the Planet Bethlehem Archive.