Wedding portrait of George Harb's parents, c.1920

This is a digital reproduction of an image held in the private collection of George Harb.

This photograph taken c.1928 is a wedding portrait and shows George Harb's mother and father. The style of dress is indicative of the period, as George Harb's mother wears a wedding dress with a drop-waist and a Juliette cap veil, both of which were iconic 1920s fashions. George Harb's father wears classic 1920s formal wear: a single breasted dinner jacket and a white bib front button up shirt with a detachable wingtip collar. Over the shirt, men would typically wear a white silk tie or bow tie over the collar and a single or double breasted waistcoat.

This image is part of the George Harb Photos collection, within the George Harb project of the Planet Bethlehem Archive.