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Controlled reactivity of terminal cyaphide complexes: Isola-tion of the 5-coordinate [Ru(dppe)2(CP)]+

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posted on 2023-06-09, 19:26 authored by Madeleine Levis, Kyle Pearce, Ian CrossleyIan Crossley
The novel cyaphide complex trans-[Ru(dppe)2Me(C?P)] is obtained in excellent yields and exhibits the first instance of con-trolled reactivity of any terminal-cyaphide complex. Its treatment with ZnX2 / PPh3 effects selective metathesis of the methyl moiety to afford the unprecedented halo-cyaphide complexes trans-[Ru(dppe)2(X)(C?P)] (X = Cl, Br, I), which are structurally characterized (X = Cl, Br). Exemplified with the trans-bromide, these compounds are susceptible to substitution of the halides by nucleophilic reagents – illustrated with Me2Mg – and also readily undergo halide abstraction by TlOTf to afford the first hypo-coordinate cyaphide complex, viz. [Ru(dppe)2(C?P)].OTf, which is isolable in bulk and exhibits good stability. NMR spectroscopic and crystallographic data reveal the latter to adopt a square pyramidal geometry with an accessible coordinate vacancy, which is susceptible to the addition of nucleophiles. This is illustrated analytically by reactions with Me2Mg and LiC?CPh, and with its facile bulk carbonylation to afford trans-[Ru(dppe)2(CO)(C?P)]+.


Polymetallaphosphacarbons: Toward phosphorus-doped organometallic molecular wires; G1182; ROYAL SOCIETY; UF120021

Linearly Conjugated Phosphacarbon Organometallics; G1810; EPSRC-ENGINEERING & PHYSICAL SCIENCES RESEARCH COUNCIL; EP/N016785/1

EPSRC Doctoral Training Partnership 2016-17; G1950; EPSRC-ENGINEERING & PHYSICAL SCIENCES RESEARCH COUNCIL; EP/N509784/1


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