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Kaluza-Klein gravitons at LHC2

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posted on 2023-06-12, 08:56 authored by Barry M Dillon, Veronica Sanz
In this work we study constraints from new searches for heavy particles at the LHC on the allowed masses and couplings of a KK Graviton in a holographic composite Higgs model. Keeping new electroweak states heavy such that electroweak precision tests are satisfied, we control the mass of the lightest KK graviton using a brane kinetic term. With this we study KK graviton masses from 0.5-3 TeV. In our analysis we also employ Little Randall-Sundrum (RS) Models, characterised by a lower UV scale in the 5D model which in turn implies modified couplings to massless bulk fields. Viewing this scenario as a strongly coupled 4D theory with a composite Higgs boson, the KK graviton is interpreted as a composite spin-2 state and the varying UV scale corresponds to a varying intermediate scale between the cutoff of the low energy effective theory and the Planck scale. We find that KK gravitons with masses in the range 0.5-3 TeV are compatible with current collider constraints, where the most promising channels for detecting these states are the di-photon and ZZ channels. A detection is more likely in the little RS models, in which the dual gauge theory has a larger number of colours than in traditional RS models.


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