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Dataset for Everyday Childhoods research project. Compilation of video outputs from the Curating Childhoods workshop published on YouTube

posted on 07.05.2019, 12:07 by Liam Berriman
In order to share the knowledge generated through our events with fellow research and archival practitioners, we developed a set of short open-access films featuring participants (children, parents and researchers) from the 6th December 2014 Curating Childhoods workshop at the Keep Archive. Each film addresses themes or concerns relating to the use of children’s archival data, including consent, data sharing and privacy. Drawing on the expertise of children and practitioners, the films aim to encourage and facilitate new forms of best practice for archivists and researchers (academic and non-academic) engaging with children’s data. The attached film is a compilation of a series of shorter films titled: (1) What is data? (2) Sharing data, (3) Protecting data, (4) Looking after data, (5) Consent. This item belongs to the Everyday Childhoods project dataset. For more information, click on the project or collection link.


AHRC Grant H/M002160/1