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Poster for University of Manchester Women's Theatre Society performance of The Reanimating Project.

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posted on 2022-12-15, 17:38 authored by Alex Pieretti, The Women's Theatre Society

In 2019-2020 the ESRC funded 'Reanimating data: experiments with people, places and archives'. Part of the project involved staging a series of reanimations using data from interviews with young women from Manchester, conducted thirty years previously as part of the Women, Risk and AIDS Project (WRAP 1988-1990). Each reanimation involved a collaboration between young women, educators and researchers and used creative methods to explore the WRAP data and bring it to life in new ways.    

This item is a poster advertising the performance of The Reanimating Project by the University of Manchester Women’s Theatre Society. The performance was devised using original interview transcripts from the Women, Risk & AIDS Project. In the performance a new generation of young women reanimate stories from the past and tell their own stories about what it means to be a young woman today. Poster graphics and design by Alexi Pieretti (2020).  


Reanimating data: experiments with people, places and archives

Economic and Social Research Council

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