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1983 Exploring barriers to recruiting older people to a white-coat hypertension study

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posted on 2024-06-10, 10:20 authored by E Mensah, K Ali, Michael OkorieMichael Okorie, S Bremner, C McAlister, N Perry, Chakravarthi RajkumarChakravarthi Rajkumar

Introduction There is a recognised association between white coat hypertension (WCH) and adverse cardiovascular outcomes in older adults. However, there is no consensus on the management of WCH in this group. The objective of the Hypertension in the Very Elderly Trial (HYVET-2) study was to assess the feasibility of randomising 100 patients >75years with WCH from General Practice in the UK to treatment or usual care. The study did not randomise any patients. In this follow up study, we sought to explore the reasons for not recruiting.

Methods Using a mixed-methods study design, staff from 29 General Practice (GP) sites and the Clinical Research Network (CRN) in Kent, Surrey, and Sussex (KSS) were sent an online questionnaire about local research facilities and infrastructure, and HYVET-2 study methodology and target population demographics.

Results Nineteen (19) individuals responded the questionnaires (15 primary care staff, 4 CRN staff). Using a framework approach, we identified six themes summarising challenges to HYVET-2 recruitment. These themes were: established approaches of primary care towards managing WCH in older people, target patient demographics, study design complexity, patient-facing study documents, limited research resources in primary care and identification of eligible patients using existing coding.

Conclusion Our experience showed that recruiting older people to a WCH study from primary care was not feasible. A national scoping survey amongst primary care physicians in the UK, and a robust patient and public involvement (PPI) targeting older people with WCH might improve recruitment in future studies of WCH in older people.


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