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A service-oriented mobile augmented reality architecture for personalized museum environments

posted on 2023-06-08, 22:53 authored by S Rattanarungrot, Martin WhiteMartin White
This paper presents a mobile augmented reality platform that exploits service-orientation for the visualisation of cultural media objects in personalised interactive museum environments. The service orientated architecture is composed of a mobile client, web service framework and service providers utilized to perform augmented reality tasks as well as support for media contents acquisition and consumption via a mobile or wireless network. The mobile client performs augmented reality tasks including multiple object tracking of physical 3D objects concurrently and then visualizes associated media contents (e.g. 3D models, videos, images, text, social media data, etc.) that are associated with the tracked physical (or reference) objects and then overlaid in the correct perspective in the real scene in a personalised museum visualisation scenario. A unique feature includes media content acquisition from open service providers through a web service framework. Typical services include, a photogrammetry service that allows users to obtain virtual 3D models of preferred cultural objects through image-based reconstruction techniques. These acquired 3D reconstruction contents can then be integrated with existing associated contents in a personalized augmented reality museum environment that can be stored and saved for later viewing, such as in the home after visiting a particular augmented reality based museum interactive. This paper focuses on describing the service orientation architectural components that supports personalized mobile augmented reality museum environments.


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Virtual Systems Multimedia (VSMM), 2014 International Conference on virtual systems and multimedia

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City University, Kowloon, Hong Kong

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09 Dec - 12 Dec 2014

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