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Ion-trap cavity QED system for probabilistic entanglement

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posted on 2023-06-08, 11:51 authored by Nicolas R Seymour-Smith
Laser systems and a linear radiofrequency (rf) Paul trap with an integrated co-axial cavity have been developed for experiments in cavity QED and probabilistic entanglement. Single 40Ca+ ions and large Coulomb crystals have been trapped routinely and laser cooled with long trapping lifetimes. A technique to achieve precise overlap of the pseudopotential minimum of the rf-field with the cavity mode has been implemented through variable capacitors in the resonant rf-circuit used to drive the trap. Three-dimensional micromotion compensation has been implemented. An 894 nm laser has been frequency stabilised to a Pound-Drever-Hall cavity which is in turn stabilised to atomic Cs using polarisation spectroscopy. The Allan variance of the error signal has been reduced to less than a kilohertz on timescales greater than a second. A novel implementation of the scanning cavity transfer lock has been developed to transfer the stability of the 894 nm laser to the 397 nm ion cooling and 866 nm repumping lasers. The bandwidth of the system has been increased to 380 Hz and the Allan variance of the error signal has been reduced to less than ten kilohertz on timescales of greater than a second. The pseudopotential minimum of the rf field has been overlapped optimally with the optical cavity mode through mapping of the fluorescence from cavity-field repumped ions as a function of their displacement. Coupling to the cavity mode has been confirmed by observation of resonant fluorescence into the cavity mode using the cavity-assisted Raman transition process. The thesis demonstrates that the setup is ready for the controlled production of single photons with pre-determined polarisation states, and progression onto new schemes to entangle multiple ions that are coupled to the optical cavity mode.


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