University of Sussex

David Tal


  • Israel’s Conception of Current Security- Origins and Development, 1949-1956
  • The American Nuclear Disarmament Dilemma, 1945-1963
  • Israeli Identity
  • United States—Israel Relations (1953–1957) Revisited
  • Who needed the October 1973 war?
  • Israel’s wars
  • The historiography of the 1948 war in Palestine: The missing dimension
  • US Strategic arms policy in the cold war: Negotiations and confrontation over salt, 1969-1979
  • Paving the road to war: Israeli diplomacy and the 1967 crisis
  • The 1956 Sinai War: A Watershed in the History of the Arab–Israeli Conflict
  • The 1956 Sinai war: A watershed in the history of the Arab-Israeli conflict
  • Israel in or of the Middle East
  • War in Palestine, 1948: Strategy and diplomacy
  • Israel's road to the 1956 war
  • The forgotten war: Jewish‐palestinian strife in mandatory palestine, December 1947‐May 1948
  • Symbol not substance? Israel's campaign to acquire hawk missiles, 1960–1962
  • Jacqueline Kahanoff and the demise of the Levantine
  • Weapons without influence: British arms supply policy and the Egyptian-Czech arms deal, 1945-55
  • Eisenhower's disarmament dilemma: From chance for peace to open skies proposal
  • The American-Israeli Security Treaty: Sequel or Means to the Relief of Israeli-Arab Tensions, 1954–55
  • Seizing opportunities: Israel and the 1958 crisis in the Middle East
  • The making, operation and failure of the May 1950 Tripartite Declaration on middle east security
  • "Absolutes" and "Stages" in the Making and Application of Nixon's SALT Policy
  • The secretary of state versus the secretary of peace: The Dulles-Stassen controversy and US disarmament policy, 1955-58
  • The historiography of the 1948 war in palestine: The missing dimension
  • Ronald Reagan and Menachem Begin: Bridge across Stormy Waters
  • The Judeo - Christian Tradition and the US-Israel Special Relationship
  • An Arms Deal as a Bargaining Chip: Israel and the AWACS Deal
  • Between Politics and Politics of Identity: The Case of the Arab Jews
  • Ronald Reagan and Menachem Begin: Bridge Across Stormy Waters
  • Between Realism and Idealism: Trends and Developments in the Study of US-Israel Relationship
  • The 1956 War
  • Israel and the United States 1948–1973

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