University of Sussex

John Walker

Senior Lecturer (Human geography)

Brighton, UK


  • How to set up a Deaf User's Forums?
  • Deaf Young People and Empowerment
  • Deaf interpreter, what is it?
  • Enabling Deaf Spaces: report on the status of the sector for Deaf BSL users in Brighton and Hove city
  • Conference report: Deaf Geographies. In Deaf History International Newsletter
  • Travelling alone in America made me believe that a GCSE in BSL is important
  • Employers’ abuse of health and safety law could distort the deaf vote in the EU referendum
  • Has anyone else noticed that more online videos are being only part-subtitled?
  • What disabled people are learning from taking a Deaf perspective
  • What do we gain from a GCSE in BSL?
  • Deaf professionals’ perceptions of 'trust' in relationships with signed language interpreters
  • Professional recognition for Deaf Interpreters.
  • A Deaf Young People's Training Programme
  • From co-working to co-interpreting: definition, application and curriculum
  • [Review] Mary Brennan and Richard Brown (2004) Equality before the law: deaf people's access to justice (2nd Edition)
  • Mentoring: International Applications
  • Mentoring in the Interpreting Profession
  • Interpreting, the third language, and its dynamics
  • The Deaf community of Brighton and Hove and the performance of cultural capital: self, body and landscape
  • How to set up a Deaf User's Forums?
  • Doing disability differently
  • A guide to working with the Deaf Community in the UK in education, mental health and interpreting
  • The Belgian Twins, Euthanasia and the Myth
  • My Journey to ‘Capital Deaf’
  • My speech at the Access to Work march (BSL)
  • 10 things deaf children learn at mainstream school
  • A journey to becoming Deaf: Lesson 1
  • Is your online profile written in Deaf Gain style?

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